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weapon tips

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 15, 2008 1:11 pm    Post subject: weapon tips  Reply with quote

hey guys, im back to piss more people off!! (just kidding)

while i was experimenting with some unique weapon loadiuts last nite, i stumbled upon some great combinations of firing modes for different weapons. for example (this ones for rince) if your are sniping, and run out of ammo, and you just so happen to have a UMP, change the firing mode to spam to finish people off at long distances. it shoots three bulets at an ultra fast rate. this is also extremely accurate, and with minimal bullet spread. if you are going to be close-up, change it to automatic(duh).

for the g36: if you have a silencer, you will find that the bullet spread and recoil is next to nothing. if you find the need to take out some campers, find your self a corner that is secluded, switch to semi-auto, and take him out. semi aout enables the gun to bring the bolt all the way back- giving it little to no bullet spread, and less recoil. the crass on semi-auto is actually a good snipe weapon at medium distances( not on riyadh tho- i got raped trying to practice wtih it)

the crass is excellent on burst mode- give it a silencer, but no laser.

the M4 has a very wide bullet spread, so give it a silencer. i know you already know that, but, the real tip here is to only use this if you are going to engage multiple enemies in a small area, like abbey.

the sr8 is a deadly weapon, being that it is a 1 shot one kill  weapon if you hit them in the torso or head. it is important that you stay till when firing this weapon- it is very inaccurate while on the move.(duh) the real tip is: dont snipe at long distance only- snipe in indoor places, or corridors, or where no one would expect it.( like in the tiny halls of the subway map.) ask guns what happens when you try to take my spot up on the catwalks at the bath level. when he dropped down from the ladder, he got shot. this is because i sat still, and waited. a fast trigger wins most of the time.

happy hunting!!

haxors must die!!!!!!

-i am a proud UAA member Smile
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